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Richard, 4 October 2019

Is there a limit to how many chickens you can keep in a domestic back garden and what are the rules regarding cockerels/noise etc.

Kevin, 21 September 2019

One of our neighbours has got a rooster and some hens/chickens in there back garden. Is there a special way of disposing of the waste from these animals and is it dangerous to cats?

Lesley, 14 August 2019

My neighbour has alot of chickens and rabbits which causes alot of flies in our home, how many are they allowed to keep in a residential garden.

Natalie, 29 July 2019

My house backs onto allotments and the allotment owner by my garden built a large construction for chickens that the council told him.he couldn't have as it was too large. He has now filled it with chickens which he does not attend to regularly and we have many rats now coming into own gardens. Can you please let me know what we about this? I have young children and often eat in the garden during the summer. I fear this is a huge health risk.

Raymond, 4 June 2019

Can chickens be kept on more field alotmens..

Molly, 31 May 2019

Do you have to breed your chicken in able to show it?

Steve, 26 April 2019

Is it true you can keep chickens and rabbits and pet birds such as budgies on an allotment in England. And it's law?

Karen, 13 January 2019

Am i allowed to keep two chickens in my garden in Ingleby Barwick, Stockton-On-Tees? Thank you

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