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Michelle, 15 May 2019

Do quails get gapeworm? I am having to treat my free-ranging chickens for it, and just wonder if the quails need to be treated as well. If so, what dose do I add to their feed? What is the best way to treat them for worms?

Shashidhar, 21 April 2019

my quail not been able to walk it is 12 days old legs still move, and they still work but it can't walk or stand. any treatments for that?

Bry, 28 March 2019

my quail fell off her cage 2 months ago and has not been able to walk since (she fell on her back) she is 5 months in human years and her legs still move, and they still work but she can't walk or stand. any treatments for that?

Beverley, 15 April 2018

yes rats do kill quail. I lock mine up in a rat proof run. They gutted one of my quails before so I made sure this run was rat proof. Since I have bantam chickens as well that are locked up at night I take no risks and have solar laterns all around my runs as rats don't like light. Also rat bait skewed in plastic bottles with little opening hidden away in shady places so my free range chooks cant get at them

Tsaura, 25 April 2016

one of my quail is craning sky wards

An Omleteer, 25 July 2014

I have just lost my second quail in a very short period of time and have just found out why. NEVER feed quails avocado - it is poisonous to quails. Quails make great pets - they chatter and are very sweet little creatures. Hopefully this tip will save your birds from the same fate as mine.

Marj, 4 August 2012

one of my quail has a bleeding bit on its leg/foot, at first I thought another two were attacking it as they kept pecking and appeared to be drinking the blood. But I gave those two away and it now seems to pecking at it itself and the others have a go when passing. I've tried seperating them but this just seems to panic the bleeding one, they are well looked after, regularly cleaned etc and always have fresh food and water. Could it be they are deficient in something, can anyone help or suggest anything to help.

Gill, 20 April 2012

Informative. Just as a point for the previous coment- Yes rats do kill quails and are very fond of the taste as we found out years ago. So protect well.

Your, 14 March 2012

What useful information! many thanks. Can't wait to get me first little family of quails. We've kept chickens for years and ducks and geese. Rats are our biggest enemies. Do they kill quails I wonder?