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Keeping your chickens safe in an attractive and spacious environment.

Which Omlet Chicken Enclosure will you choose?

The full height secure chicken enclosure comes with a stable style door as standard.

Walk In Chicken Run

From £380.95
  • Super safe space for your hens
  • Easy to find the perfect setup for your flock, and your space
  • Extend at any time with easy to install sections
  • Accessorise with perch trees and toys for extreme hentertainment
  • Connect to your Eglu or wooden coop
  • Stable style door and custom made covers

Chicken Fencing

From £95.95
  • Give your chickens more space to explore
  • Keep your flower beds and veg patches out of bounds
  • Flexible: easy to put up and easy to move
  • Available in 4 lengths
  • Easy access door and glow in the dark features
  • Connect to an existing wall or fence