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Feeder Drinker Stand - Eglu Go

by Omlet (13 reviews)

Don't have an Eglu run but want to treat your chickens to the finest feeders and drinkers in town? With this new and improved specially designed stand you can use the popular Eglu Go Feeder and Drinker in any run, enclosure, or chicken shed, making your hens very happy indeed.

Our feeders and drinkers have a large capacity, are dishwashable and reduce mess and spillages...what more could you ask for?

Please note: The stand will arrive in two parts and they simply need to be slotted together. Feeder and Drinker not included.


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Packed Product Details

Weight: 0.490 kg

Height: 17 cm

Width: 20 cm

Length: 33 cm

Latest Product Reviews For Feeder Drinker Stand - Eglu Go

Mess free feeder - Claire, Lancashire,

I purchased the feeding stand due to not having a strong fence to attach the feeder & waterer to , I carry it out to my buff Orpingtons every morning filled with their food & drink & carry in every evening to deter rodents. The girls don t mind at all popping their heads through the feeder lid , & it is very sturdy as they have climbed onto the feeder a few times & they are big girls Would highly recommend

Verified Purchase: Apr 2022 This reviewer has 2-4 Buff Orpingtons pets

Does the job - Danielle, Down,

I got an eglu go up without a run so I didn’t have anywhere to attach the feeders, so purchased this stand and it does the job well. However would be helpful if it came with some instructions on how to put it together, I had to look at another review to find out which way it is done. As said in a previous review the loop bits are pushed in from the outside to make it sturdy.

Verified Purchase: Sep 2021 This reviewer has 2-4 pets

Excellent feeding station - Sonia,

I have tried most types of feeders/drinkers on the market. This one is the best so far. I keep it under my Go Up for a little added protection from the rain. The food so far has stayed completely dry. The stand is simple, easy and convenient to use and great for keeping the feeding area clean.

Verified Purchase: Dec 2016

Perfect - Debi,

I'd just got some ex-caged hens and they really didn't know what to do with anything in the real world. After a few days when their instincts kicked in and they started acting like chickens they were scratching and kicking dirt into their feed and water, this just thr right height for them and stays upright and clean whatever they do to it.

Verified Purchase: Jun 2015

A great idea!! - Stuart,

We wondered what to do with the glug & grub feeders when we bought out Egloo, as we didnt need the run that they attach to. This is the perfect solution. The feeders fit easily onto the stand & the handle means moving it around the run & garden is simple. We've taken the top off our grub feeder to give the girls a double water feeder.

Verified Purchase: Nov 2019

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