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High-Vis Chicken Jacket

Omlet's new chicken jackets are great for keeping your chickens warm, dry and clean when out and about on the building site (your garden). Newly rescued battery hens whose feathers are a little sparse or hens who have recently moulted will appreciate the jacket's extra warmth and, of course, it goes some way to protecting a semi-naked chicken's modesty!

It's no yolk that chickens who are involved in the hentertainment business are often found crossing the road. Why they do this we don't know - but if they are wearing one of these chicken jackets they will at least be complying with BS-EN471. If you don't know what that means - don't worry - the key thing is that your chickens will be completely safe while changing a wheel on your car if you breakdown on the side of the motorway.

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They keep them protected from weather, visible to vehicles and I have found that they deter predators also. They also look absolutely adorable!

From £12.00

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Keep Hens Safer in the Dark

Worried about your chickens now that the cold, dark nights are drawing in? Don't panic, because the High-Vis Chicken Jacket has arrived. Available in two colours, pink and yellow, or as a twin-pack, this health and safety gilet will make your pets visible on the darkest days, while protecting them from the rain and sleet. This means there's no need to worry about hens wandering into the road.

Quick and Easy to Use

The High-Vis Chicken Jacket is perfect for medium sized hens, with adjustable velcro fastening for a comfortable fit every time. Simply place over the hen's head, pop her wings through the arm holes and fasten at the front.

Insulation and Protection

The High-Vis Chicken Jacket offers great comfort and protection, as well as making hens more visible in the dark. With a breathable, showerproof fabric outer, and quilted inner bodywarmer, your pets will be comfy and cosy whatever the weather. The jacket is lined with NASA-approved Flectalon, for effective insulation, so, although your chickens may not be planning a space mission anytime soon, they will be protected from the biting wind, rain and snow.

Has your hen lost her feathers? Whether poorly, moulting or ex-battery, a garment like this will give her some eggstra warmth, when her feathers aren't quite up to the job. It will also protect her skin while her own coat starts to grow back.

Amorous cockerel on the prowl? This jacket can help to reduce the damage on your hen's back that a companion of the opposite sex may cause.

Key Features of the High-Vis Jacket

The High-Vis Chicken Jacket:

  • Offers excellent comfort and protection in cold weather
  • Breathable, showerproof fabric
  • Quilted lining featuring Flectalon NASA approved insulating material
  • Adjustable velcro fastening, offering comfort and extreme manouverability
  • 180 degree, wide reflective strip visible from the air
  • Offers protection from dirt
  • Suitable for hand-washing
  • Designed and made in the UK, and exclusive to Omlet

Please note, the High-Vis Chicken Jacket is not suitable as pyjamas - please remove at night.

Due to the high specification of this garment, please pay attention to the prevailing conditions in your garden and remove the jacket if it gets too warm.

In the Press

Launched in October 2013, the High-Vis Chicken Jacket has featured in many newspapers, magazines, radio and television programmes already, and the product has proved to be incredibly popular with chicken keepers everywhere. Below are a few examples of our press features.

The High-Vis Chicken Jacket press clippings.

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High-Vis Chicken Jacket in pink

Pink High-Vis Chicken Jacket


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Pink High-Vis Chicken Jacket Twin Pack

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Receive one High-Vis Chicken Jacket in each colour.

Yellow and Pink High-Vis Chicken Jacket Twin Pack

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The High-Vis Chickent Jacket in yellow

Yellow High-Vis Chicken Jacket


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Yellow High-Vis Chicken Jackets

Yellow High-Vis Chicken Jacket Twin Pack

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           Great little jackets

- Monica, 11 April 2014

I bought a pack of two Hi Viz Jackets, pink & yellow. The reason was one of my Silver Sussex hens was bring pecked at the base of her back, near the tail and thought this would give her protection. It worked. I put the pink one on Cuckoo & the yellow one on the biggest light Sussex Snowy, hers was a little bit more snug on the fit but still OK, then following day Henrietta then Ruffles turn. Cuckoo's seemed to build her confidence as at first probably protected from body blows so she was not running scared. Not sure if it was her confidence or the others just got out of the habit after the 3 days, either way it worked. As nothing worse than when the happiness is off balance in the flock. The jackets were easy to put on & off, neither Cuckoo, The diva of the day or the other "nude" girls were spooked by them. It worked from the pecking point of view so very pleased. I took them off at night so they weren't used as pyjamas only as day wear. I plan in the autumn to get more so all "the girls" have jackets should I feel they need them. I thought they were good value as nice quality and pink was sooo Cuckoo's colour - the little diva!

           Only for really cold weather

- Elzabeth, 07 April 2014

These are well designed but they are lined and so super snuggly- great for very cold days. However it is now April and time to put the winter wardrobe away let chickens enjoy being chickens and not wear any clothes...

           Alles o.k.

- Yvonne, 23 February 2014

Die Hühner hatten anfangs ein wenig Probleme mit der Weste, gingen sie teilweise nur noch Rückwärts oder fielen um. Jetzt geht es und sie kommen gut damit klar.

           Nice and warm

- Torsten, 17 February 2014

Our chicken lave their new coats. An we have lots of fun with it. Everyone looking at our chicken has a amile on his face.

           Beautifully Made

- Elizabeth, 21 January 2014

I was persuaded to buy these for my pampered ladies by a friend who had heard about these on the radio. Not a cheap product but they are soooo well made for the money (as well as cute) - usual excellent Omlet quality. They are a proper hi vis jacket, quilted as well, and if your girls are prone to wondering on the road they would be ideal. Unfortunately my ladies didn't take to them. Enid tried hers on first and immediately went on a "jobsworth power trip", which was hilarious but the other girls seemed to be scared by the jacket and ran off, thus putting an end to Enids' moment of glory. Lucy then tried hers on and all her mates ran off again - scared, prompting Lucy to go into panic mode and run as well. She seemed to scare herself and actually hid in some bushes and refused to come out!. Not wishing to distress the girls further and put them off laying, the jackets have been put away and will come out when poorly hens are moulting. It could just have been the yellow colour they didn't like - maybe I should have gone for the girly pink ones........my ladies can be soooooooo fussy!

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