Nettex Poultry Nutri Drops - Fast Acting

By Nettex

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When your chickens are tired, weak or sick unfortunately a bowl of hot soup won't perk them up. There is something you can give them that will work a treat though and give them the boost they need. These nutri-drops work like magic, transforming sluggish hens within just 30 minutes. It is a unique supplement that carries nutrients directly into the bloodstream immediately, providing a really fast-acting effect.

Poultry nutri-drops help boost the immune system and vitamin levels in poorly birds. It helps maintain egg production when energy is required and can reduce stress during times such as vaccination. This magic medicine also increases a chicken's appetite if it has gone off its food.

This can be used during heat stress, diorrhoea, antibiotic treatment and during periods of stress, so it is always handy to have a bottle just in case.

30ml bottle.

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           Good product

- Tina, 05 February 2014

Good product.


- ALLY, 02 August 2013

I have to say the nutri drops really work , gave some to one of my chicken's that was becoming weak and off colour and after a day she was back to her perky self , it was great and I would recommend Nettex poultry nutri drops to any one with chicken's

           Sadly had no effect

- Corinne, 17 May 2012

Bought this in the hope it might help our chicken regrow some feathers. She does not have mites and her friend is unaffected so we wondered if she were deficient in something. Presumably if she is it isn't something in the (rather expensive) drops.


- Lynne, 11 December 2011

I had read the reviews of these drops and got some just in case. A few days later, one of our ex-bats went very hunched up and was getting pecked. She was actually losing huge amounts of feathers at the time. We gave her the drops and within an hour or two she was back running around foraging. She picked up so quickly, it was amazing and soon started laying again.


- Katie, 11 December 2011

One of my tiny bantams (Flo) was looking very sorry for herself, she was struggling with moulting and growing new feathers, she didn't want to move around much and looked generally under the weather. Having read the reviews i thought i wold give the Nutri Drops a try. I didn't expect them to work!! I was wrong, I gave Flo the drops in the late afternoon, the next morning she looked like a different chicken, really perky, over the next 2 days a gave her 2 more doses, within the week all her new feathers had come through, and she was back to running around the garden. Nutri Drops are amazing and i just wish they made them for humans too!!!

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