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Zippi Tunnel Cleaning Tool

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The Zippi Tunnel Cleaning Tool is ideal for removing any stubborn bits of dirt from the inside of your Zippi Tunnel. The tool is shaped to exactly fit the ridges in the wall structure of the Zippi Tunnel so you can easily dislodge any ground in dirt.

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Zippi Tunnel Cleaning Tool

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An everlasting Godsend
Tough and hardwearing fantastic product. I bought the single tube and the sliding door. I have 2 pairs of rabbits they live in a separated hutch. The pair in the top bunk where always a nightmare to catch and put to bed at night. So I fitted the Zippi door & tunnel to the top-side panel of their section and they pop in and out of their upper floor all day long and when it's bedtime I clap my hands and they happily run up the tube and I close the door behind them. It really is a brilliant product and a Godsend for me and my bunnies! I Highly recommended it. Amanda
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