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Great catio -

I love my catio. My cat is sooo happy. It is very sturdy and it has a subtle look to it, not tacky like most catios. It did take 4 hours to put together with my handy friend.

my best buy ever -

I am very happy with my new Cat Balcony.and so are my two male Somali cats.Iam planning to buying them a outdoor cat run next summer.

Great product, instructions complicated -

The cat run is great, feels sturdy and looks good. However, I was extremely relieved to have found and watched the YouTube video showing how to assemble one of these runs, as the printed directions were awful! The labels on the clips did not match the product ID in the instructions, so it took me a while to work out that there were actually only three types of clips. Also, as I was assembling this on my own, I am very glad I followed the video instructions, which included putting the 'skirt' on first, as this helped to keep it stable as I assembled it. By the way, it took me 2.5 hours single-handed, which I didn't think was too bad.

Cat Balcony -

Fantastic customer service and support from Omelet would recommend.

10/10, couldn't praise this product more! - Oxfordshire,

It's the exact thing I've been looking for! I love the look of the mesh panels which also provide a really easy way for you to attach the run to your balcony to make sure it's anchored down. We just used some chains and carabiners to attach it to the bars of our balcony but I'm sure there's lots of options you could do. Thanks Omlet, my cat Olly absolutely loves exploring his new playpen and watching the world go by!

FINALLY someone has invented this! -

Rosie always pined for an outdoor space however my apartment wasn't practical. Now she can play and jump around in the fresh air and I can relax knowing she's safe and secure, thanks Omlet! -Jordan, York