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I love this setup -

I live just outside the city so this is perfect for my first venture into chickens as pets. Friends of mine said, oh they like to be up high, which they do but my two love this setup and ho inside on their own every night. Definitely follow the recommendation to keep them in the run/coop for 5 days so they know it’s home. I’ve had it a couple of months now and they love it and I love it.

Low Maintenance Chicken Coop - avon,

This is our second Omlet coop we have purchased and it does not disappoint. Easy to clean, easy to assemble and low maintenance. I know that my chickens will be protected and secure throughout the year.

Great for three hens -

Love this little coop! It is just perfect for my three hens. I do wish that it came with a partition and nesting bed inside the coop, though. I have had to construct one on my own so the girls can have privacy as they lay eggs.

Love our Egglu! -

This is a great coop, very well designed. Completely rat and fox proof. It was much bigger than I realised and more than enough for our three bantams. My only problem is that the side bits at the bottom refuse to stay on and keep popping off! Other than that it is great.

Cracking wee coop - -- SELECT STATE --,

Plenty of room for my 4 girls. Easy to clean. I struggled a bit with the assembly instructions but there are a couple of decent You Tube vids which helped. Keeps girls dry and, hopefully the pesky red mite away for good. Would recommend

Eglu chicken coop with two metre run -

I am absolutely delighted with the Omlet coop and run and the Pekin chickens my husband and I have seem to be very happy with it also. Easy to clean, warm, dry - think I might move in there myself!! Neighbours and friends who have seen the coop are really surprised and interested to know all about it especially the materials used and the overall design. Thank you

well packaged and presented. easy to follow instructions for assembly -

Good allround equipment for novice chicken owner. Very easy to both move around and clean. Chickens contented.

Absolutely brilliant -

This is so easy to clean and maintain. We have 3 chickens and they seem to be very happy. Easy to assemble and move if required. Highly recommended.

Purple Eglu -

I have had the classic Eglu before,now hubby bought me,an Eglu go. A simple stylistic house,so very easy to keep clean,the hens love it and so do I !

Great product - Derbyshire,

If you are new to the fun of chicken keeping make sure you do some reading first. And speak to people who have already had/got chickens. I bought an eglu because I knew that these products last ages and can be recycled afterwards. Plus they are SO much easier to clean than wooden coops. The dreaded spider mite loves wood. My friend told me that even after going round inside a wooden coop with a blowtorch the mites were still there! I ordered my eglu during Lockdown MK1 and so it took a while to arrive (understandably). Then there was a delay managing to get the garden ready. So I didn’t get the coop erected til September and I’ve now had my girls 3 weeks (no eggs yet - come on girls! ). The eglu was reasonably easy to erect with two of us. Our DIY skills are limited but we cooped! The run (2m) took about as long to erect and with the same level of difficulty. The instructions are ok and we did use them. So would I recommend- YES, wholeheartedly, it makes chicken keeping a doddle.

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