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Keep chickens off my garden -

I would have liked to give this product 5* but unfortunately there are some let downs. This is the 2nd one I've bought and both have 1 same problem. The Guy ropes don't stay in place. This 1 is made of plastic but the clips to keep the netting on at the door keep coming off. I've used this 1 to extend my 1st run and it does that OK. I did think I could have bought an extension kit but could not find one.

Bigger Pen -

We purchased this so that the girls can have a bit more freedom when we are out.The Eglu pen is a bit small and they are used to the full run of the garden. Now it is erected we are highly satisfied but did find the instructions a bit confusing.

Looks very smart -

Well impress fairly easy to put up easier with 2 people chickens haven't escaped so it safe enough. Good locking type gate.much nicer than chicken wire and posts. Not to expensive would recomend

Omlet 69ft fencing with gate -

I love this Fencing by Omlet. I yearly need to build small grow out pens for my chicks so there is always building and taking back down when they move into the big girls pen. With this Omlet it is so simple to put together and serves my purpose for young chicks and moms, conveniently rolls up when time to take down and easy storage taking up very little space. Thank you Omlet

Love this fencing -

We purchased this because we had a problem with our chickens wandering outside of the yard.I had researched several other products but did not see any that I liked. When I saw this I knew it was just what we were looking for and it has met our expectations. It looks great in the yard and blends in well. Sometimes I have to really do a double take because it looks like the chickens are out because it blends in so well it almost looks like it isn't there.

Easy assembly, sturdy and flexible - Ross-shire,

The fencing kit is great - excellent quality! Allow a bit of time to assemble the poles and, if you can, have 2 people to manhandle the 32 m of fencing - easier than tackling it alone (as I did)! However, actually putting the fence up was very easy (even on my own) and the extra height is perfect for containing our large fowl cockerels! Amazingly sturdy - very important for our location next to a sea loch in the NW Highlands :) I already have a 21 m kit now and I'll probably purchase another 32 m one soon!

Great. -

We wanted to free range our chickens but the issue of course is that to get

Great fence for making a small pen - Lancashire ,

The pen is great, pretty easy to install with some help from my husband. I did use some extra tent pegs to secure it as the ground is not not perfectly flat. I love the fact it can be moved if necessary but I do worry about foxes digging under it, I had a stray cat in the pen one morning so I always lock the chucks in their coup at night. It does seem to keep the chucks in though, mine are prone to escaping but they don’t like flying over the sides because they moves a bit. I have a wooden fence to one side of the pen so I put bean netting over the top of the enclosure to stop them getting out, it is working well so far.

Nearly Perfect -

My only (tiny) criticism is that we found the instructions a bit confusing. Otherwise very pleased with the product and would have scored 4 1/2 out of 5 if that was an option

So much better than chicken wire! -

We purchased this fencing to keep our two chickens off the patio, it is very customizable as we had to to also fence in 2 levels of our garden. The plastic wire is easy to cut and you can arrange it in anyway needed. I particularly loved the lack of cuts on my hands that I'd normally get working with the metal chicken wire!

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