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Peruvian Guinea Pigs

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The Peruvian is one of the oldest breeds of guinea pigs, having been established in this country for well over 100 years. They are believed to have come over to this country from South America via France.


They are basically long-haired rosetted guinea pigs, they are born short haired, with two rosettes. As the guinea pig grows, so does its hair, and the top hair parts and grows downwards. The hair around their bottom can reach 20 inches in length, and they have a long fringe which covers their eyes. They are not pets for the faint-hearted! If they are kept as a pet their hair is best trimmed, and they require regular grooming and bathing. Without constant care their hair becomes readily matted. If they are kept for showing then their flowing locks are usually kept in wrappers (curlers!) to keep them clean. Peruvians also have a tendency to chew each others coats, a behaviour known as barbering, and show stock may have to be kept by themselves.


Peruvians come in a variety of colours, the most popular being tricolour (slate, cream and white) or a mixture of two colours, slate and white, cream and white, or slate and cream.


Fairly common

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           Fairly good breed!!?

- Morgan, 10 April 2013

I have a 17 month old female peruvian guinea pig called Fay and she is terrible, she is a poorly behaved guinea pig who hates being brushed, everyday i brush her (against her will) and everyday i get bitten but still i love her like she was my daughter!! If you are not used to guinea pigs or you dont have much time to spare of all guinea pigs don't get a peruvian or you will end up like me having to brush a screaming guinea pig everyday for 7 - 8 years a complete waste of my time! thats why i don't really like this breed as much as Rex!

           Very placid

- Countrysidecavies@hotmail, 11 July 2009

Peruvian pigs tend to be placid and are definatly the breed that like's handling most. They can be very cheeky but do need quite alot of trimming and brushing to stop the caot from matting. Not a brilliant starter guinea pig but a lovely one

           Just gorgeous piggies!

- An Omleteer, 18 May 2009

Really friendly and laid back guinea pigs , a pleasure to own. Keep their fur trimmed in a nice `bob` to keep it tidy and it stops them picking up stray bits of hay in it. lovely friendly guinea pigs i`d highly recommend them!

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