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Texel Guinea Pigs

A Texel Guinea Pig's incredible thick curly fur A Texel Guinea Pig with wonderful long wavey fur A beautiful little Texel Guinea Pig with long soft brown fur A close up of a Texel Guinea Pig's lovely pink nose A wonderful little Texel Guinea Pig with long dark and red fur

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Texel History

The Texel is another long coated variety of guinea pig, which looks rather like a Sheltie with a perm! It is one of the newest breeds of guinea pig, being first recognised in the 1990s. Texels come in many colours, all solid colours, also brindle and roan. They have ringlets or curls that make up their long soft coat. The curls are found all over the body, including the underbelly. They have a short, compact body with a broad well-rounded head. They have no fringe, the hair on their face looks similar to that of a Rex.

Texel Status

Fairly common

Texel Pictures

Guinea Pig
Duncan, Texel Boar
Mocha female texel
Max the texel piggie before a haircut
Dad & son texel piggies

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Cute little fluffball - Jemima,

Our Texel is called George. He’s a huge ball of fuzzy hair. It can get knotty when not brushed though. We’ve tried getting into the habit of brushing him everyday but it’s a struggle!

Wonderful little Piggie - Susan,

I have a texel GP that has a white collar and a black bottom. She has one side of her face is red the other black. She's such a cutie. She really has a great personality. She loves to run around in her play pen. She also likes to cuddle while she eats her carrots.

Amazing pigs that like to explore! - Steve,

We love our Texel pig, he likes exploring and jumping into paper bags! Texels are more inquistive than other pigs but also show lots of intelligence. They do need more attention than other varieties, we trim the fur twice a year to ensure no knots or fur matting occurs.

Not for first time owners - Countrysidecavies@Hotmail,

I've had a texel and although they are brilliant piggies for friendlyness their coat need's alot of looking after. It needs brushing everyday and will often still get matted due to the curliness. Not a very good choice for a first piggie.

Very cute but not for beginners - An Omleteer,

i had a textle a few years ago she had the sweetest nature although her coat was hard to look after. i had to give her regular baths to keep her clean and stop her fur matting up aswell as cliping her in the summer . i wouldn't say they were easy to look after but mine was very sweet natured and cuddly.