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Crested guinea pigs conform to the Self colours, but have a crest or rosette on their forehead. Self Crested guinea pigs have a crest the same colour as their body colour, whereas American Crested have a crest that is a different colour to their body colour, commonly a white crest on a solid coloured body. The crested gene is dominant to non-crested, so that a smooth guinea pig bred from a crested parent cannot be a crested carrier.


Due to selective breeding most breeds also have a crested counterpart e.g. Agouti, Himalayan, Roan and Dalmatian. A Crested mated with a Sheltie is how the Coronet breed was created. The coronet is a relatively new breed, first recognised in the early 1970s.


Fairly common

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very cute, very funny -

My crested piggie is the biggest sookiest guy with us, but he can be a bit snippy with my smaller boy piggies he lives with. Sometimes he will teeth chatter at us while he is wheeking at us (so we have dubbed him ''mr cranky teeth"), usually he's starts when we stop scratching his chin or tummy because he wants more!


I have a crested guinea pig. And he is very friendly and cuddly. Crested guinea pigs love to play and like some attention. he loves to play in the garden and eat some grass. As i said crested guinea pigs are very very friendly. I recommend buying one. But they can be hard to find.

Gorgeous -

We have a created and he is LOVELY. He lives outside and loves his food. He is very friendly and loves to have a stroke on his crest.

Fantastic -

We had a crested for 10 years. We got him when he was 8 weeks old, a little black and white kit. Great with kids, loved everyone. He was wicked tough. We got a kitten when he was about 9 years old. The kitten was 6 months old, 12 pounds against a 2 pound guinea pig. The cat met him and swiped at him, guinea pig turned around and bit him. He was tough and lived a long time. The best pet I ever had

my guinea pig -

I have a crested guinea pig and he is vary vocal but doesn't like to be held or picked up when you go to pick him up he will run but you can catch him and then you fine with being held

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