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Catio Tunnel System - Tunnel

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Powder coated steel welded mesh tunnel section.

Can run along the ground, against a wall or fence, or be supported with a stand.

Dimensions: 90.5cm x 40.7cm x 30.5cm

Customer Images

A cat inside of the Catio Tunnel.
A cat using the Catio Tunnel attached to a Catio.
The catio tunnel attached to a catio enclosure.
A cat lying in the Catio Tunnel.
A cat lying in the Catio Tunnel looking at a dog.
The Catio tunnels connected to the outdoor Catio enclosure.
Two cats sitting inside of the Catio Tunnel.

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Catio Tunnel System - Tunnel

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Exactly what I was looking for when I purchased my Catio!
Tracie, Florida,
The omlet Catio tunnel is exactly what I was looking for when I purchased my Catio. My princess is happiest when she has access to the outside and can come and go on her own terms. But she also needs limits because she likes to bring me gifts. I’m okay with fishing the daily lizard out of the water bowl but I draw the line at snakes. The Catio tunnel provides safe access for my cat (and my sanity) to and from her Catio. Set up is simple—just a few steps. Installation takes a little more care because if you are attaching the tunnel to a window box or Catio you will be cutting an entryway into the existing structure so start small and expand outward. You can always enlarge the access point. The most difficult part of installation was MOVING my existing Catio. The structure is solid (and heavy) Grass had grown through the anti-dig skirt securing the structure to the ground so it was necessary to dig up the structure. But my Catio held up to a tropical storm last hurricane season so I know my enclosure is safe and secure.
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