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Comments for Should I Get A Hamster Or A Guinea Pig?

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Mckenzie, 21 April 2020

I like this article. I had 2 hamsters and i'm going to get another one after this virus. I am 15 years old in January 10 2020 i turned 15 next year i will be 16.

Crystal, 30 January 2020

I agree. But I think a hamster would be good for a young child just to look at, just like a fish, and not touch or disturb it. Cavies are good for young kids, they don't bite but they should be holding the piggy on the ground and not have to clean the cage or give food cuz they wont be able to do that. Especially because i u get a piggy u will have to get two!

Kimberly, 5 December 2019

Question? So can you have one guinea pig and it still be a happy guinea pig or do you need to have a pair for it to be happy?

Emma, 3 November 2019

Victoria, I hope you've found out by now that the cage is obviously too small. Too small of a cage can cause ~Bar chewing ~Monkey barring It's very bad for your hamster, So If you haven't already, upgrade your cage.

Dianne, 24 September 2019

I disagree. I have had 6 Guinea pigs over my life time and only once as a pair. Guinea pigs are great for kids over 8 and what I like most is that they interact with you through there noises. My kids have had 2 and the last one died of old age at 7. Best pet ever! They are a good size for kids to handle.

An Omleteer, 16 August 2019

This article was very helpful and informative. Thanks a bunch!

Riley, 1 July 2019

Hi, personally I think both would be great,but I think it would be good to start off with a hamster if you are a beginner. Seeing they don’t need as much care, knowing their nocturnal and don’t eat as much food and are less expensive, so hamsters would be a good pet.

An Omleteer, 22 June 2019

Get a guinea pig not a hamster

Victoria, 20 June 2019

Hey, so I a hamster because it sounded like hamsters are better pets than Guinea pigs and so when I got it it was cool and everything, But then after a week or two my hamster started to keep me and my sis awake because he was so energetic and started to start clime the walls of the cage, And I don’t know if he does not like the the cage because it’s big he is maybe the sister of my toddler brother, I’m starting to regret getting my hamster beanz but I love him so much that I can’t let him go, What should I do?????

Stephanie, 7 January 2019

Apparently the number 1 reason why people return their Guinea pigs is because they are allergic to them. My daughter, within 20 minutes of contact with a guinea pig began to suffer with an allergic reaction (sneezing and congestion). We opt for a hamster - and no allergies. Our hamster is awake around 6 or 7 am (my son plays with her for 15 minutes in the morning) then awake again from 7pm to 1+am... he can play again with her before bedtime... A hamster is not nocturnal but crepuscular.