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Comments for What Do I Need For A Hamster?

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George, 1 May 2020

I am looking for a black and white male hamster

Rocio, 12 March 2020

Im getting a hamster soon and this helped me so much!

Kirsty, 12 July 2019

I have 4 hamsters and i easily look after them

Dash_Rainbow, 25 May 2019

Once I read that the chew toys were optional, that's when I KNEW this wasn't a reliable site. Just a tip for all those to-be-hamster owners, please please PLEASE get chew toys for your hamster, or else you are actually torturing your hamster. Their teeth will get overgrown if they don't have chews, and they will get very stressed and bite you.

Toby/doodle, 22 May 2019

Thank you I’m in the us but i just went to the first site I saw and this helped!

Alexa, 1 April 2019

This helped me a lot. Now I know what to get for my hamster