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An Omleteer, 2 May 2020

Awesome thank you

Charlotte, 24 August 2019

The food list is perfect so I know what not to feed my hamster Lola, and what is good to feed Lola. I will write a list of everything she can eat and everything she can't eat thank you~ Charlotte F

Richard, 7 August 2019

Can dwarf hampsters eat radishes?

Charlotte, 7 July 2019

Well I fed my two hamsters carrot and they went through a lot in one day.

Jill, 1 July 2019

My hamster has had an operation and has lost a lot of weight. He is still interested in eating what food can I give him to gain weight fast!

An Omleteer, 26 June 2019

I love my ham ham!

Emma, 26 June 2019

To meshal yes it is perfectly safe to diy a hamster cage but be careful how you do it a plastic bin is a good start (in my opinion) but be sure to sand/smooth any sharp edges and remember all it takes is a quarter sized hole for one to slip through so with these tips in mind I hope you make a fun cage for your lil buddy:)

An Omleteer, 13 June 2019

That’s gret

Meshal, 11 June 2019

Is it safe to diy your hamster cage