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Kasey, 10 July 2021

Hi, I adopted my first hamster ever 2 weeks ago. I did a lot of research before adopting him so I would give him the proper care, and the sand bath was one of the things I wanted to give him. But since he came home to his enclosure he wouldn’t stop scratching, and he just LOVED being on the sand. I took him to the vet today and we noticed he didn’t scratch at all since he had no sand. The vet said to take out the sand and just let him be with his paper bedding. I’m worried about him though because he really loved it. I used Fluker’s all natural sand, and made sure it didn’t come with colorant or calcium nor anything added. What can I do? I really want him to be happy in his enclosure again. He has everything else like chew toys, a lot of space and a huge wheel. But I’m worried.

Martha, 8 July 2021

I just got my hamster on Saturday. She was born on 4 of this year not sure the date. She is always scratching herself, she uses mostly her back legs, sometimes her front legs and teeth. I changed her bedding on Tuesday. Washed her cage, wheel, food blow, drinking holder and everything with hot water and dish soap. I rinsed everything with hot water as well and used a paper towels to dry it off. Put new bedding in, new water and etc. However the scratching is still going. I also checked her for and fleas,ticks and etc. Thank goodness she doesn’t have any of that. I’m still worried about her scratching. I’m not sure what to do.

Sara, 30 April 2021

i’m scared bc my hamster just like itches the back of his ear a lot and it looks like some of his fur is missing i’m not sure. what should i do

Kat, 23 March 2021

My hamster has been itching for 4 days now. I had recently changed his bedding to something I used the first few months I had him, so maybe it was an allergic reaction? But as I said, he has used the bedding in the past before. Although it has been more than 3 months since he last used that brand. I changed his bedding once again today to see if maybe it’s that. But could I be any parasites? He was sleeping on his wheel, which had me really worried but he’s stopped now. HELP!!

Ann-Marie, 9 December 2020

My hamster keeps scratching under his arms and it has been really bad because it makes him lick his arms and it is making me really worried !!

Olivia, 14 May 2020

Hai! I was wondering if/ how I can help my hamsters itching problem. Thanks.

Caitlin, 3 May 2020

just today I cleaned my hamster tank and I have noticed that he started scratching his ears, legs, and back. It is the same bedding I always use so I don't think it's an allergic reaction. He also tried to fall asleep behind his wheel when he has tunnels he had made. I am very confused and worried.

Savannah, 19 April 2020

My hamster Gizzy has been scratching his ears alot today and is nibbling on his legs and bedding I'm worried about him I don't want him hurt

Elizabeth, 14 April 2020

My hamster is scratching his lower back and leg. I’m really worried, is there anything I can do with us in lockdown?

Cal, 12 April 2020

My hamster also seems perfectly healthy just this itching thing he’s been having recently Not sure what to do during this pandemic:( I tried taking certain treats out to see if it was the food, changed bedding not sure what to do.

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