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Amie, 31 May 2021

I have 2 robos. One just escaped his cage, I have no idea how and I didn’t even hear or notice it happen and was even in the room! I found out that they seem to be running on the wheel as though they were trying to get to the bars to climb them. When I moved the wheel, they did the same, except they fell off the other side of the wheel instead (saucer wheel). In a panicked fear they might escape again, I’ve cooled their playpen around the bars and pray they don’t get out while I sleep. I do feel that the cage is too small but I have to wait a week before I can purchase one...anyone have advice for what I can do in the meantime to ensure they don’t escape??

Choi, 25 May 2021

@Téa still it’s too small for Syrian the minimum is 450 inch squared floor space. Try 30 by 18 cage or bigger.

Aliesha, 10 May 2021

My Syrian hamster keeps chewing the cage but I don't know why. She comes out almost every day. She has 10 inches of substrate, and the cage is 1209 square inches of floorspace. She also has a 28 cm trixie wheel amd four different chews and lots of toys and hides. Do you have any ideas as to what I could do?

Naomi, 12 March 2021

I have my hamster in a small rectangular tank and I had given him a wood stick to chew on and yet he tries to start biting on the corners of the tank. What should I do?

Tim, 10 March 2021

Our hamsters had her babies approx. 17 days ago. I Hve been feeding the 5 babies since about 9 days, as they were so active. The problem I that the cage is Now very dirty and smelly. (I have taken out Some filthy & soaking wet bedding & sawdust) When an I clean it properly andis it too early to remove 6all of them to a clean cage?

Téa, 2 March 2021

My new Syrian hamster began chewing bars on her second day home. I’m not supposed to touch her for 2-3 days to let her adjust. She has 4 chew toys (I only keep 2 in her cage at a time) and one even has a hard nut inside but she still chooses the bars! My cage is larger than the recommended size (I believe it’s 24” by 12”?). Is she stressed being in a new environment? Should I be worried?

Billie, 1 March 2021

Thanks I’ll try!

Mandy, 12 September 2020

I hope you can help me with my syran hamster