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Eglu Go UP Chicken Coop Frame and Ladder

by Omlet

Turn your Eglu Go into an Eglu Go UP. This frame and ladder will raise your existing Eglu Go Chicken House off the ground, allowing your hens to roost up high, and making it easier for you to collect the eggs.

Suitable for use with the Eglu Go House only. Cannot be used with existing Eglu Go 2m Run.

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Packed Product Details

Weight: 9.732 kg

Height: 12 cm

Width: 60 cm

Length: 81 cm

Latest Product Reviews For Eglu Go UP Chicken Coop Frame and Ladder

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Highly recommend - Sanaa, Yorkshire,

It took me a while over a few days to put it together but it was worth it at the end. I am very happy with its design because it’s easy to clean, it’s very well ventilated for the chickens and blends into the garden. I couldn’t fault it.

This reviewer has 4-6 pets

Excellent hen house! Highly recommended - Korina, Yorkshire,

I bought this for my 4 hens because I had such awful problems with red mite in my conventional wooden hen house. It was easy to put together, it is easy to keep clean , easy to move and my hens love it! Most importantly not a mite in sight!

This reviewer has 2-4 pets

Best purchase ever - Sheila, Yorkshire,

After converting my EGLU GO to a GO UP I realised I should have done it months ago.No more bending ! and the chickens quickly adapted to using the ladder. Thoroughly recommended.

This reviewer has 2-4 1 Buff Sussex, 1 Bar pets

Sturdy and well made - Sarah, Yorkshire,

I’m really happy with the frame, it was made from thicker metal than I had thought, it’s very sturdy and easy to set up.

This reviewer has 2-4 Bantam Chickens pets

My hen is happy - Bev, Yorkshire,

My little Welsummer bantam has been aggressive towards my three other hens, injuring one. I bought her an Eglu Go but she was not happy in that until I added the frame, ladder and pen enclosure. She spends overnight some time in her own area and can now be let out with the other girls and doesn't attack them anymore.

This reviewer has 1 Welsummer Bantam pets

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