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Easichick Bedding is a wood-based product specially formulated for chickens and bantams. This product is not suitable for ducks.

It is made from clean recycled wood (mixed pinus) and comes in a handy 10kg bale. It is absorbent, and free-draining, allowing your birds to dust bathe as part of their natural behaviour.

It is dust and bacteria free and fully biodegradable. It's easy to use and doesn't blow around. Being a wholly natural product, it can be composted easily and it is approved for use in organic environments.

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Weight: 10.000 kg

Brand: Easichick (1 Product)

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Less messy than straw -

Ideal bedding material

Great Bedding! -

Use this for my nesting boxes, helps reduce soiling of the eggs as well as providing a softer environment that retains heat and comfort!

Less messy than straw -

The product is despatched quickly and is ideal material for the hens to lay eggs upon. It is generally easier than straw to maintain.

Great bedding -

Very happy with easichick bedding. Comfortable but not as dusty as wood shavings, and it's recycled so all the better!

Excellent product - Derbyshire,

We use this for our 2 hens in their Eglu Go and it's great - it truly doesn't blow around (great in windy autumn & winter) and there's no dust. It also has a warm, soft feeling despite looking quite rough. And a bale lasts ages. We used to use Aubiose (which is good too) but we prefer Easichick. Highly recommend.