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These Play 'n' Bedding Pods are ideal for keeping your small pets cosy and entertained.

100% natural, these seed pods come from the Kapok tree and they are full of light, soft cellulose fibres that make wonderfully snug bedding. The fibres are short and easy to break, and your pets will love removing them to build up their soft and fluffy bed. The seeds inside are edible and the pod can be gnawed on too.

As well as being as soft as silk and perfect for creating a comfy bed, the Kapok fibres have natural antibacterial properties and are biodegradable.

Naturals Play 'n' Bedding Pods are suitable for hamsters, mice and gerbils. Although they should be able to gnaw into the pods to retrieve the bedding, you may want to crack them to make it easier.

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Weight: 0.120 kg

Height: 6 cm

Width: 13 cm

Length: 27 cm

Brand: Naturals (13 Products)

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Gone but not forgotten! -

Well, I can’t honestly say the pods lasted a long time (maybe 10 days), but they provided many hours of solid gnawing fun even for a ferocious chewer, the seeds inside were clearly very tasty, and the “cotton” is lovely and soft. Our gerbils rapidly redistributed it all over their cage, and mixed it thoroughly with the wood shaving of their bedding for their nests. If you don’t mind buying one every couple of weeks, your little friends will definitely appreciate them!

Lasted longer than we thought. -

Took the gerbils about a week to finally detroy a entire pod.