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Outstanding product -

True to form, Omlet have thought of everything. Design, quality and ease of use. It would be good if you could purchase 'kick boards' to clip to the base of the frame so that you could optionally fill it with something the chickens could forage in as I have installed it on the patio. My boys loved building this.

Excellent product, very robust -

Good quality walk-in run. Looks very smart in the garden. Build time is abit under-estimated on the website I think. A 3x2 walk-in run took more like 3 hours to assemble.

Super product -

Super product

Great height! - Devon,

Perfect for giving the chickens more space and allowing the children to interact with them in a safe environment.

Excellent -

The walk in run is an excellent design. I have nothing but praise for this run which can be extended/added to by choosing the appropriate parts on the easy-to-use Omlet web site. The stable doors with an easy, quick to use latch are great. The welded mesh with anti fox skirt mean I can confidentially leave my chickens secure and safe from predators when I am not home to let them free range.

Excellent -

We purchased the run as our chickens had become escape artists and were getting over and through the netting fence despite clipped wings! They are now contained though we have not put the roof panels on as they would collect twigs and leaves. Our only criticism is that the instructions and diagrams are not clear enough at the start as I started with the poles on the inside of the panels and needed a bit of sleight of hand to correct this.

Brilliant! - West Midlands,

Wonderful extension to our Eglu Classic run. Not that easy for 2 of us (over 60s) to put up but our 4 bantams love the space. I would recommend clearing and flattening the area, before beginning. Hummocks, hillocks, long grass and cold wet weather made our assembly very difficult. The clips can be very difficult to open and close, especially with cold hands. Putting them in warm water does help (the clips, not the hands!)

Transformed chicken keeping -

No more crawling, bending, dirty knees etc. The walk in run has transformed our chicken keeping and the hens seem very happy. It's easy to move around and maintain the bark chipping on the floor, we've installed some branches which the birds love to sit on whilst they preen etc. and they're perfectly safe. Easy to open the top part of the door to deliver treats. Well done Omlet - a perfect house for urban hens.

excellent buy - Essex,

Really pleased with this purchase and will look to extend the run as soon as we can. Was at first reluctant to change from our wood framed pen to this one but so pleased we did we can view our girls easier so makes it better to keep an eye on them and we can see them from the house so great pleasure in watching them from the window but more importantly the girls seem to enjoy it too a lot less dust accumulates in the pen now which must be good for them would thoroughly recommend this product

Well built and chickens like it - Yorkshire,

Firstly the awkward bits. It takes a long time to put up if you're not that experienced (pretty much a whole day). It's not that it's difficult, just that there's a lot of things to get right. I think the instructions could be a little clearer on how the panels should fit round the poles (eg poles on the inside). If you've got space, leave all the bits in each box as they all look similar. The roof also dips a little in the middle section, so when water lands on the all weather cover it sags inwards. In heavier weather there's inevitably a giant shower once the sagging gets too heavy. We're working on maybe putting some fibreglass poles (like in tents) underneath the cover to create an artificial roof structure to allow the rain to run away. The cube doesn't actually fit that comfortably inside as you need the three vertical supports inside the run. Oh, and build the run around the cube.....it can't go in afterwards. The good points. Looks great, relatively easy to assemble (it's just clips) and the chickens really enjoy it. I know that I've put more detail regarding the negatives but they're only relatively minor. Although it seems quite expensive, I would probably buy it all again.

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