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Excellent run - Rita,

I am delighted with my walk in run. It is easy to put together and blends beautifully into my garden. My chickens are very happy, they have much more space and are safe from the pesky fox who constantly visits the garden!!

Not easy to put together but absolutely love it. - Tracey,

I recently purchased this run with extension panel to extend my eglu classic and run as I have to leave my 3 girls in it all day whilst at work and didn't feel there was enough room for them. I have to say I did not find it easy to put together. There are no written instructions (I assume this is to do with exporting abroad and saves the need for translation) so you have to figure out the drawings which is what takes up your time. Twice I had to log onto the website to look at the picture of the lady in the doorway to see if I could figure out the drawing. A couple of tips if you buy this with the extension is that the half poles from the ceiling go into the corners of the run and the full poles go into the central joins - be careful when assembling the full poles as this sliced off a piece of finger! Also the gate has one straight section and one with 3 hinges - Omlet confirmed that the hinged section goes at the top. So I would say set aside a weekend to build it. Having said all this, I absolutely love it, and so do my girls. It is well designed and even though my garden is on a slight slope it can accommodate this. The girls now rush down the 'tunnel' in the morning into their play area where they have plenty of room to scratch around and get away from each other if they wish. You can put the glug and grubs on the wire as with the eglu run and there is room for putting in logs etc for them to climb on. Best of all you can easly take a rake in there to rake out the poos so it is easier to keep clean (you can't easily move it around with the eglu attached - it is too heavy so it stays in the same place). There are two hooks in the roof poles for hanging things on but I haven't used this yet as I bought extra glug & grubs instead. All Omlet needs to do now is make a run shade for it!

Excellent run although a little pricey - Honor,

We'd been thinking about getting chickens for the past 6 weeks. We knew we wanted an Eglu Cube but due to the size of our garden and the fact that it had to be located in the front, away from our 3 Siberian Huskies, we wanted a WIR that would blend in and not stand out too much. By fate it seemed Omlet brought out their WIR and although we thought it to be expensive we knew it suited our critera, and there was nothing else like it on the market. It was a dream to put together and took only a few hours. Everything connected together so easily with no tools needed apart from a screwdriver at the end. The stable door is a fantastic idea, and i'm really pleased with the overall quality. The only downside is that if you're wanting to put a cube inside it leaves little room for you, especially to clean out as you can't open the litter trays. We'll soon be investing in an extension to give us more room. As for the price, yes it's expensive but there's nothing else like it on the market. I also expect there will be more of a second hand market for it than the wooden ones so you may be able to re-coop some of the money back if you ever came to sell.

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