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Bumblebee Brown-Banded Carder Bombus Humilis Bumblebee - Buff-tailed - Bombus terrestris Bumblebee - Common Carder - Bombus pascuorum Bumblebee - Early - Bombus Pratorum Bumblebee - Forest cuckoo - Bombus sylvestris Bumblebee - Garden - Bombus hortorum Bumblebee - Red-tailed - Bombus lapidarius Bumblebee - Shrill carder - Bombus sylvarum Bumblebee - Tree - Bombus hypnorum Bumblebee - White-tailed - Bombus lucornum

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Bumblebee History

Bumblebees are one of the most amazing types of bees. They live of nectar and pollen found in many different types of plants and are excellent pollinators.

Bumblebee Behaviour

Bumblebees and Honeybees are the only two common varieties of social bees. They have an annual cycle of life. Each year the queen builds a nest in a wall cavity, hedge bank or perhaps underneath a handy shed. The queen builds up a stock of honey and pollen. She then lays lots of eggs and incubated them. The larvae hatch into males, workers and queens. The new queens then mate and survive over the winter. The males, workers and old queen die in the autumn. The following year the cycle begins again in a new nest.

Bumblebee Varieties

There are lots of varieties of Bumblebees, too many for this introduction. Nearly all of them are large and brightly coloured. Have a click through the images shown above or if you are interested in reading more about the Bumblebees then visit the Bubblebee Conservation Trust or the Natural History Museum website.

Bumblebee Status


Bumblebee Pictures

Some pretty flower being polinated by bees.
Bee on flower
Bee with flower
Bumblebee getting pollen
? bombus sylvarum
Bumblebee on Salvia
bee on white peony
Bumbleee on a flower.
Bumbleee on a flower.
A bumble bee on a flower.

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Un bee leavable - Jonathan,

Absolutely buzzing with them

Not a fan - Keaton,

Really not a fan of bees in general, especially these ones. Was stung yesterday and reacted badly to it. Keep away from these.

vary cute - Anna,

i love watching bumblebees, they always make me happy, they are soooo cute looking, too. they are my favorite kind of bee

Very good - Andrea,

We have the buff tailed bumble bee living in a nesting box in our garden. They seem very content and happy in the garden ,as I have left a patch near where the box is ,and left it a little wild with native flowers etc. We also have alot of different types of bee friendly plants including alot of lavender, roses delphiniums etc. I find it fascinating watching them to and fro collecting their pollen and going about their daily business.

Big Cute Bees! - Francesca,

Bumblebees are far my favourite breed of bee. They have a placid nature more than most bees and they will not sting if you don't annoy them by hitting them and squeezing them. They are very cute and fluffy!