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vary cute -

i love watching bumblebees, they always make me happy, they are soooo cute looking, too. they are my favorite kind of bee

Very good -

We have the buff tailed bumble bee living in a nesting box in our garden. They seem very content and happy in the garden ,as I have left a patch near where the box is ,and left it a little wild with native flowers etc. We also have alot of different types of bee friendly plants including alot of lavender, roses delphiniums etc. I find it fascinating watching them to and fro collecting their pollen and going about their daily business.

Big Cute Bees! -

Bumblebees are far my favourite breed of bee. They have a placid nature more than most bees and they will not sting if you don't annoy them by hitting them and squeezing them. They are very cute and fluffy!