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Why Do Cats Need So Much Sleep?

If you have a cat or have had cats in the past then you will know that they spend a lot of their time snoozing the day away. This doesn’t mean that you have a lazy cat, in fact this behaviour is totally natural for a cat. Wildcats sleep a lot in order to conserve their energy. This is so they are fully alert and fresh when they have a chance to catch prey. Believe it or not, this is also why your sofa loving cat sleeps all day too.

A grey cat sleeping on a white Maya Donut cat bed
The Maya Donut cat bed is a super comfortable place for your cat to get their much needed sleep

Another reason your cat will sleep a lot is because they are crepuscular. This means that they are most active around dawn and dusk. This is why when you feed your cat in the morning they will usually go straight to their favourite napping spot and sleep for most of the day.

Cats can sleep up to 16 or even 20 hours per day, but most of this time will be cat napping rather than deep sleep. Cat napping can be described as a state where the cat is resting but still listening in on their surroundings. You will often see cats in this state twitching their ears like little radar dishes in the direction of a sound they have heard. This is so the cat can quickly be alerted to any potential danger while they rest.

Cats can go into a deep sleep and even have little cat dreams. This type of sleep is usually in much shorter spells than the napping and they will switch between them in a cycle whilst they snooze.

Age wise we can expect our cats to sleep more as they age. If you have a kitten you will see that they go from all systems go to fast asleep in the blink of an eye, and this is totally natural.

If your cat is sleeping a lot and seems lethargic and uninterested in food or water, something may be wrong. It is best to take them to a vet to get checked as soon as possible.

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