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Do All Breeds Of Chicken Get Along?

In general yes, most breeds of chickens can get along just fine. However there can be some exceptions.

If you have a flock of several fairly similar chickens, for example 4-5 Leghorns, and you introduce a dissimilar chicken, the new addition may be subject to bullying from the other birds. This is usually only the case when a new chicken has unusual plumage - such as the extra feathers on the head of a Sultan breed.

 do all chickens get along
Most chickens mix well

Chickens with feathers on their heads can be more vulnerable because the additional plumage impairs their eyesight and they may not see oncoming nips. It can also conceal their fleshy combs, and chickens seem to take visual clues from these combs to work out the strength and dominance of their fellows. If a hen appears to have no comb, she might be seen as fair game for some serious bullying.

The larger the chicken enclosure, the less likely chickens are to harass each other, as they will spend more time separated, searching for food.

Do Cockerels Get Along?

As usual, cockerels are the exception to all the chicken rules. They do not get on very well together and will often fight, violently. You need a lot of space if you are to keep more than one male bird.

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