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Loudest Chicken Breeds

All cockerels (roosters) are noisy, regardless of breed. Most hens have their noisy moments too - usually just after laying an egg. Some are noticeably louder than others, though. This isn't an issue for many people.

But if your hens are in an urban or suburban setting where neighbours are likely to complain, you might want to avoid the Orpingtons - all types - and the Poland (or Polish).

Chickens are not loud
Mum's the word... most hens are quiet

However, evidence suggests that noise levels are more down to individual birds, rather than species. A lot of it boils down to environment. Hens often become restless, and therefore noisier, if they are unhappy in their environment. If you give them plenty of space, including plenty of headroom (a low roof in a run may stress them), they will keep the noise down.

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