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David, 11 January 2020

To Mary - hooded parrots are definitely not suitable aviary companions for cockatiels or budgies

Jigeinth, 10 January 2020

I’m looking planning to put sun conure pair along with finches were owl,strawberry,long tailed,blue necked, Gouladian finches are there. Aviary is 10/7 feet 8ft height.

Suzanne, 11 July 2019

We recently purchased an alexandrine from a pet shop. We have a very large empty aviary sitting outside that's just been built. However the alexandrine has visited outside a few times and seems happier out their than in the house. The only problem is the aviary is too big for just one bird so my question is what other birds could I put with the alexandrine. And would introducing a pair be a problem? Our bird is only about 7 months old thanks sue

Bruce, 21 June 2019

I have 2 5 month old peach faced love birds, grand raised, yellow and green. I’m leaving China and need to find them a home due to import restrictions. A person has offered to take them in who has a 3 month old macaw. Please advise

Mary, 28 April 2019

Can I put a pair of hooded parrots in with budgies and cockatiels... there are no nest boxes and is a large avairy.

Alistair, 4 February 2019

I would be careful..i have orange winged and blue fronted amazons they mix well..but got a macaw and it was carnage. Amazons are territorial but with another amazon are generally ok

John, 2 January 2019

Can I keep my Alexandrian parrot in together with a Sun Conure? Thank you

Thalia, 1 November 2018

I have an amazon parrot and was wondering what other birds get along with them? I don’t plan to keep them in the same cage or anything.. I have my bird indoors and they free fly around.. but I think she needs a friend. Does it have to be an amazon? Or could some different type work out