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General Dog Health Care

There are lots of things you can do to keep your trips to the vets (and the associated costs) down to a minimum.

A very healthy and happy Golden Retriever
A very healthy and happy Golden Retriever

Keep A Record Of Your Dog's Medical History

Always keep a record of your dog’s health history. Make sure you have a note of all of his vaccinations and when he is next due for his boosters. Make a note of any medication or anaesthetic that your dog is allergic to and don’t be afraid to ask the receptionist at your vets to remind you of any history that you might have forgotten. After being prescribed medication, always make a note of the names, strengths, dosages and how often you should give your dog each medicine.

Training a dog will help with your dogs health
Training a dog will help with your dogs health

Observe Your Dog's Normal Behaviour

Try to always observe your dog's normal behaviour so you can identify when there may be something wrong. Signs of unrest include open mouth panting, heavy breathing, excessive drooling and foaming at the mouth. These symptoms are common in dogs that become anxious or stressed, usually caused by being left on their own for too long or feeling uncomfortable when travelling in the car. These symptoms can also occur when the dog is feeling unwell, or when you introduce another pet to your home. If you notice changes in behaviour, or notice other physical ailments it is always best to take your dog to the vets.

A dog panting
A dog panting

Training and supervision also plays a vital role in the success of your dog’s health. If you are unable to recall or heel your dog then he may be faced with a number of potential dangers like traffic and infection.

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