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We Can Help You Find The Best Dog Breed For You

With an amazing 200+ breeds of dog in the world you might be wondering how to find the right dog for you. They say that dogs resemble their owners but its probably not a good idea to start working out which breed of dog you look like when trying to select which breed to go for.

A beautiful little Border Terrier on the sofa
A beautiful little Border Terrier on the sofa

Some breeds are very good with children, others are bred for protection. Many breeds are great all round family dogs and some breeds may be best suited for older owners. There is also a wide range of dog breeds that best suit allergy sufferers and a variety of different sized dogs that will be best suited for different sized homes, flats, and apartments.

To begin your search for the perfect dog, you need to decide what is best for you and your family.

If you struggle to answer any of the following four questions, just follow the links and we will give you some guidance.

  1. Which group of dogs best suits your lifestyle?

  2. Do you want a pedigree or crossbreed dog? And why?

  3. Is a puppy or an older dog best suited to you?

  4. Do you want a male or a female dog?

Once you have decided on these initial factors you can then start thinking about size, coat type, the best dog breeds for allergy sufferers, the best dog breeds with children and whether or not your new companion should have a friend to keep it company.

Our dog directory can help you find out what each dog breed is like. You can compare temperaments, coat types and size to find the perfect one for you.

The key to finding the best dog breed is to find a dog which suits your lifestyle so that both you and your dog are happy.

Four beautiful working collies sat in a line
Four beautiful working collies sat in a line

Things To Look Out For

Be sure to choose a dog that suits your lifestyle. A dog that has been bred for exercise (such as a Greyhound) will become restless if you don’t take him out for a daily run around.

A Greyhound bred to run with lots and lots of energy
A Greyhound bred to run with lots and lots of energy

A dog that has been bred to follow a scent for miles upon miles (such as a Foxhound) may be difficult to control off the lead - especially in a town or city. And a dog that was once bred to bark (such as a Beagle) is probably not the best choice if you live in a quiet neighbourhood.

Use our dog directory to find a dog with needs that suit your lifestyle.

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Sestra, 13 February 2020

My husband wants an American Bully, but even though I like them, I'm not sure it's the right dog for us. It's a big step and a tremendous responsibility, so naturally I analyze it a lot. It will be the first dog for both of us, so we are inexperienced. Are Bullies suitable for new owners? I read from this article Reasons Why American Bullies Are the Best that they are a bit stubborn. Can they be trained easily?