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Dog Beds

A custom-made bed provides your dog with comfort, security, a good night’s sleep and a place to chill during the day. Dogs like to have a reliable bolt hole where no one else goes, and a permanent dog bed fulfils this function.

Your dog needs a bed of the right size – small, medium or large, depending on the particular breed you have (see the diagram for a rough guide). If your pet is not yet fully grown, buy a bed that matches its adult size.

Dog bed size guide

Incorporating the bed in a dog crate is a good practical option. The crate then becomes an all-purpose safe place and chill-out zone. This is the inspiration behind the Fido Studio dog crate and Fido Nook. Alternatively, you might have space under the stairs that can accommodate the dog bed.

The Omlet Bolster Bed
The Omlet Bolster Bed with a memory foam mattress is a fantastic bed for dogs of all ages.

Dog Sofa Beds

Another option is a dog sofa bed that includes a sturdy frame for the mattress to rest on and has legs to raise it from the ground to minimise draughts. This also stops dog hair and dirt from accumulating, which can be a problem with a dog basket or a mattress lying directly on the floor. You can also replace an old mattress, while the frame will last a lifetime.

A comfy dog bed can help prevent sores, callouses and bald patches – things that may afflict dogs who sleep on wooden or stone floors, or rough carpets. As a dog gets older and its joints become stiffer, it will appreciate the comfort of a good dog mattress.

If you have more than one dog, they will usually insist on their own, separate sleeping arrangements. It’s therefore important that a dog’s bed is not treated to the canine equivalent of sofa-surfing! A dog that shows interest in another dog’s comfy mattress should be firmly discouraged.

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