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Choosing the right food for your dog

Most dogs will eat absolutely anything, given the chance - including the contents of the bin. For this reason, we can’t leave the decision of what’s for dinner up to them. Providing your pet with a nutritious, delicious and balanced diet gives them the best chance of living a happier, longer life. But with so many options available, how do you know how to choose the right food for your dog?

Good food or fad?

It can get overwhelming navigating the dog food market. Wet food, kibble, raw food, human-grade food and frozen food are all terms you’re probably familiar with. But, the growing number of different types of food available can only cause more confusion. In the following guide pages, we’ll break down the various dog food options, learn the labels and help you make a decision as to what’s best for your pet pooch.

The best food for your Fido

When deciding on a dog food, remember not all are created equal. Fortunately, in the UK, dog food is subject to regulation under the Food Standards Agency. This means that any ingredients you see in dog food are safe. But bear in mind that “safe” doesn’t necessarily mean healthy or right for your dog.

While every dog has different needs based on canine activity level, breed, and dog coat, to give a few examples, there are a few qualities to look out for and ingredients to avoid when buying their food, regardless of which type you opt for.

Better-quality dog foods generally have a high meat content - this is 30% or more. Cheaper alternatives are often full of cereals and soya. A diet high in protein is essential for dogs to fuel their muscles and for their overall well-being. While there are vegan and vegetarian protein sources suitable for dogs, unlike humans, it’s incredibly difficult to ensure their nutritional needs are met without meat. Always consult your vet before considering changing your dog’s diet, as it’s essential to fuel them with what they need to thrive.

Steer clear of artificial preservatives, flavours and colours and anything that has “by-product” in the ingredients list. This refers to the less desirable parts of an animal such as blood, bones and organs. Carrageenan is most often found in wet dog food, but should also be avoided due to its detrimental effect on a dog’s digestive system. While not an exhaustive list, keep an eye out for the above ingredients when choosing a food. You can also find a list of what else you shouldn’t feed your dog in another of our guides.

Omlet and your dog’s lifestyle

Feeding your pup the right dog food is just one element of giving them the great life they deserve. At Omlet, we do the rest by providing the products that both your dog and you need. From easy-to-clean dog beds that live forever, to secure and stylish dog crates that create a home within a home, and cosy dog blankets for lounging around and keeping your sofa fur-free, our innovative designs make pet parenthood all the more wondrous and joyful.

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Thank you for sharing such a useful content regarding the dog food.

Asaduzzaman, 13 March 2020

A lot of dog breeders feed their dogs primarily on animal organs from the butchers. The meat is extremely nutritious, cheap and dogs absolutely love it. It is also the most natural diet for dogs, as it mimics what their ancestors ate before domestication. However, there are also a few downsides such as the risk of harmful bacteria, difficulties in storing and preparing these ingredients. If you feel squeamish at the very thought of chopping liver and kidneys, a high quality prepared food might be your best bet.

Article, 13 July 2019

Since dogs come in so many different breeds and sizes, it’s impossible to identify an average weight for all dogs. I loved this article

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My dog doesn't want to eat his food, I will try one of this healthy dog foods, hope he like it.

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