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The Best Ways To Pick Up Your Dog

At some point you're going to need to pick up your dog, whether it be to help him over a stile on a long muddy walk or simple just for cuddle.

How To Pick Up A Puppy

The best way to pick up your puppy is by placing both hands on his chest, behind his front legs. As you bring the puppy up towards your chest, immediately move one hand back to support his rear and keep you other hand behind his front legs, supporting his chest. Support your puppy's body by cradling him with both arms.

If your puppy really doesn't like being picked up or carried, you may have to hold the scruff of his neck to prevent him from reaching around and biting you.

How to pick up a puppy by the scruff
How to pick up a puppy by the scruff

How To Pick Up An Older Dog

If your dog is not too heavy and you are able to pick him up on your own, support his hind legs with one arm and with the other arm support your dog underneath his chest or neck. If your dog is anxious then you can hold his scruff to prevent him from biting you, or attach a muzzle and a short lead so that you can control his head more effectively.

How To Pick Up A Heavy Dog

If your dog is too heavy to be picked up by one person, always get a helping hand. Support the front of your dog underneath his neck or chest and then get a friend to support your dog’s back end behind his hind legs. Make sure that you don’t hold your dog for very long, as you might begin to put pressure on his back. Only lift your dog if he needs lifting, like into the back of your car.

How To Pick Up A Dog With Back Problems

Only pick up a dog with back problems if it is absolutely necessary. Place one arm in between your dog’s front legs and the other in between his back legs making sure that you support the full length of his body so that there is no strain on his back.

How To Pick Up A Pregnant Dog

Try and avoid picking your dog up if she is pregnant. If you have to, avoid supporting her belly. Support your dog's hind legs with one arm, and with the other arm support her chest in front of her front legs.

How To Pick Up A Dog With Hip Dysplasia

Many dogs suffer from Canine Hip Dysplasia and will need picking up and carrying quite often, especially when getting in and out of the car. Try not to put any pressure on your dog’s back legs. Use one arm to support your dog’s rear under his belly, and use your other arm to support your dog’s chest.

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Alison, 22 March 2021

You should never pick up any puppy or dog by their skin! Their body weight should always be supported.

Monique, 30 June 2019

What breed is that dog? because he looks like my mixed breed puppy :)