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Eglu Go UP - Box Dimensions

Eglu Go UP-

Eglu Go House- 74cm x 41cm x 81cm - 19.8kg

The Eglu Go House box contains the Eglu Go house, roosting bars and nest box, droppings tray, Grub feeder, Glug drinker and the Eglu go House fixings pack.

Eglu Go UP 2m run- 93cm x 59cm x 10.5cm - 14.83kg

The Eglu Go UP run box contains all the run panels needed for the 2m run, 114 rn clips, 16 double run clips, 16 cable ties and 1 run shade with bungees.

Eglu Go UP Frame and Ladder - 82cm x 11cm x 61.5cm - 9.6kg

The Eglu go UP Frame and Ladder box contains 5 frame parts and 1 ladder, 14 small screws, 14 wing nuts, 4 fixings plates and 2 location plates.

Eglu Go UP Wheels - 90cm x 11.5cm x 39cm - 4.42kg

The Eglu Go UP Wheel box contains 2x wheels and arms.

Eglu Go UP Run Extension- 92xm x 6.5cm x 56.5cm - 7.5kg

The Eglu Go UP 1m run extenion box contains 4x run panels, 1 x run roof panel, skirt assembely and a packet of run clips.

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