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The Omlet Club and Teacher Resources

To enable your pupils to get the most benefit from the eglu and chickens we have developed several extra resources which can be used to incorporate them into lessons across different subject areas.

Lesson Plans

As an eglu owner your school teachers will be given a complete set of lesson plans covering key stages 1,2 and 3 in all the main curriculum topics. This is a coordinated set of plans written by teachers specifically for Omlet that will engage, delight and encourage discovery.

The Forum

The forum in the Omlet club provides a unique platform for pupils to discuss the work that they have done on the eglu and chickens with other schools in completely different parts of the country. For example a school in Edinburgh could post a topic in the forum about the number of eggs their chickens laid in December. A school in Eastbourne could then compare the number of eggs their chickens laid in the same month and discuss the reasons why they may be different.


The children's work can then be quickly and simply uploaded into the club's gallery section providing another great way to communicate, compare and develop links with schools across the country. There is no limit to the number of pictures you can store on the Omlet site so you can create a unique catalogue of the childrens work all conveniently stored online.

Getting an eglu and chickens is just the start of a fantastic and eggciting project that can grow and grow. The Omlet website has areas which both pupils and their parents can enjoy. In this way everyone connected with the school can keep up to date with the children's and the chicken's progress.

There is also a comprehensive guide to chickens online and we are always on hand to answer questions about the chickens, either by phone or email.

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