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Daily Jobs For A Chicken Keeper

Your chickens will require about ten minutes of your time everyday. There are several jobs to carry out to keep your hens happy.

Replacing your chickens' feeders and drinkers is easy when using the Eglu Go Up and Run
Replacing your chickens' feeders and drinkers is easy when using the Eglu Go UP and Run

  1. Letting your hens out - Every morning you will need to open up your chicken coop and let them into their run.

  2. Check food and water - Check that they have plenty of food and top up if needed. Refresh their water daily.

  3. Health checks - When you let your hens out in the morning check that they have empty crops, and observe them to check that they look healthy.

  4. Collecting eggs - Everyday you will need to collect your fresh eggs- keep an eye out for broody hens when carrying out this job.

  5. Feeding corn - In the late afternoon scatter a handful of corn per chicken into the run. This isn’t an essential job, but late afternoon is the best time to feed your chickens treats.

  6. Shutting them away - You must shut your chickens up in the coop as soon as they have gone in to roost if possible.

In very cold weather there are additional jobs.

  • Rub vaseline on chicken with large combs to prevent frostbite.
  • Break any ice if their water has frozen over.

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