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Do Cats Kill Chickens?

Worried about how your feline companion will get along with chickens? Well not to worry - it is very rare for cats to attack fully grown chickens. The birds are much too large and might even be able to fight back against a cat attacker.

However, chicks and younger chickens may be a tempting meal for a cat. A dedicated feline hunter might even be tempted to stalk adult hens of one of the smaller bantam breeds.

 chickens and cats
Chickens and cats - rarely a problem if the birds are adults

The best way to protect your chicks from cats and other predators is to keep them in a safe and closed-off enclosure, such as a Walk In Chicken Run. Cover the fence in mesh or some other sort of safe, secure wire. After twitching her tail in frustration, your cat will soon wander off and look for a different snack.

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