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Life Of A Bee

All bees start their lives as eggs. These grow into larvae and then pupate into fully formed bees. The queen, drones and worker bees take different amounts of time to complete the stages. This is useful to know when you come to inspect your hive and need to know how long ago the queen has laid a particular type of egg.

 Hatching of egg (1x)  3  3  3
 Cell sealed
 8  10  8-9
 Spinning of cocoon
 9  12  10
 Moult of pupa to adult  15  22  20
 Emerges from cell  16  24  21

How Long Does A Bee Live For?

The average length of life is also different depending on the type of bee and when they are born.

 Summer  3-4 years  22 days  36 days
 3-4 years  59 days  6 months

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