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Swarming is the bees' way of multiplying. It is a completely natural occurrence that every beekeeper will encounter at some time or another. A successful colony will breed and become large. At this point they will decide to split and create another colony. The bees will start to produce a new queen and the old queen leaves the hive with around a third of the colony.

Signs That The Bees Are About To Swarm

There are several things that indicate that a colony might swarm:

  1. They start to produce queen cells
  2. There is no more room in the brood box
  3. Clusters of bees appear near the entrance of the hive

When a hive is filled with honey and has no room for new eggs, worker bees search for a suitable place to set up a new colony. After the queen has mated, she takes about half the worker bees and starts a new colony in the new location. A new queen is left behind with the other half to continue the old colony.

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