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Learn to Speak Like a Chicken

When on holiday in Finland or France it is polite and fun to try to speak the language a little. This includes greeting the local chicken population in their own tongue, so Omlet has provided the translation for cock-a-doodle-doo in over twenty different languages. Read on to find out.

A beautiful hen named Princess Grace loves waking up in her Eglu Cube
Princess Grace loves waking up in her Eglu Cube

Chickens don’t have many sounds, but each one has a meaning.

A Predator is About

A short loud cluck warns the other chickens that a predator is in the area, followed by an exaggerated upright stance and a careful scan of the area from every direction.


A higher pitched sound, almost a squeak, when they discover some tasty morsel.

The Egg Laying Song

A prolonged bok bok bok when they have laid an egg. Sometimes made by another hen, if she is waiting to lay and the nesting area is occupied!

A Cat or a Chicken?

Hens sometimes even purr when they are very relaxed.

The Broody Hen

A low growl, followed by pecking at your fingers and a fluffed up hen.

The Wake Up Call

The alarm clock of a cockerel can be spelt in a number of different ways, but here’s our attempt: Cock-a-doodle-doo! If you have ever wondered how it’s spelt in other languages here they are.

Chinese: gue-gue ou gou-gou
Danish: kykliky
Finnish: kukkokeikuu
French: cocorico
German: kikeriki
Greek: kikiriki
Hebrew: coucouricou
Gaelic: cuc-a-dudal-du
Italian: chicchirichi
Japanese: kou-kou-kou-kou
Dutch: kukeleku
Lithuanian: kakarieku
Latvian: kikerigī
Nepalese: kukhurā-ēka-kērakāra-ḍū
Norwegian: kykkeliky
Polish: kukuryky
Portuguese: cocorococo
Romanian: cucurigu
Russian: kou-ka-re-kou
Serbo-Croatian: kukuriky
Spanish: quiquiriqui
Swedish: kuckeliku

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