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How Much Space Do Chickens Need?

Chickens benefit from a happy and healthy environment. In general, the more space you have available the better. More space will make chickens happy, decreasing stress and increasing life span and egg production.

 chickens need space
Chickens will enjoy all the space you can give them

There is a minimum space requirement. Inside a coop each chicken should have about 1 square metre of space (3.5ft) and outdoors each hen needs 3 square metres. Multiply this by the amount of chickens you’re planning to keep to have a rough idea of the minimum size of enclosure for your birds.

Lack of space can lead to enclosures becoming dirty with excrement, and chickens may develop bald spots due to being cramped, rubbing up against the other chickens. Lack of space also means that disease can easily spread between chickens much faster.

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