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Emma, 7 June 2021

amazing! i have 3 hampsters! they are so fun! but they intitally cost me 500 dollars a year, of course, thats with 3 hampsters, with food, and such

Erin, 2 May 2020

Hamsters and dogs are my favorite pets, but owls are my favorite animals.

Mad, 12 April 2020

the cost of every hamster is around £10-20 so they are pretty cheap to by on their own

An Omleteer, 29 March 2020

Not bite

Name:timya, 27 February 2020

How much does a hamster cost.

Horsewoman65, 4 May 2019

Love it! been looking for a source like this for a while.

An Omleteer, 23 February 2019

How much is a Syrian hamster alone not with the cage because I know how much everything else will be.