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Lavdie, 31 May 2020

i love parrots

Jane, 13 February 2020

I have a Gordon cockatoo who tends to be silent. Sometimes she’ll squeak or make an alarm noise, but I’d say 95% of her time she’s silent. I’ll try and entertain her, play music, or encourage her to make noise but she doesn’t do any of that (besides beak grinding which she does do often). The vet says she’s not sick but I’m concerned that she doesn’t make a lot of noise.

Joyce, 2 January 2020

What does it mean when an Alexandrian parrot keeps rubbing beek on cage bars.

Ken, 26 September 2019

Sunday the 22nd of September the wife and I stumbled upon on a 39 year old Turquoise fronted Amazon that was surrendered of elder owners who could not take care of him anymore. So the wife was talking to him George and he was pretty laid back. Well I gave George a new home that day. George and I bonded very quickly and now I have a new friend that is just laid back and wants me every minute of the day. Which I think is cool so I go outside he goes with me I sit down to watch tv he is with me. But tonight we were watching YouTube videos on blue fronted parrots and George was sitting in my lap so I started rubbing his head and he started purring and cooing like we have been best friends for the last 39 years. But the previous owners let George get way over weight and I am looking for help getting him on a diet.

Rekha, 30 June 2019

Thanks to share your knowledge with us and increasing ours

Valerie, 15 June 2019

My granddaughters Cocteau makes this sound kind of staticty.. like changing channels with no programs on..why is she/he making this sound

Gaby, 14 June 2019

I can be near my bird where she sees me but she just screams out of nowhere and also if I leave from her sight she screams loud and continuously until she sees me again. What does this mean?

Rachel, 11 June 2019

I recently inherited my grandmothers bird. She is a 42 year old yellow naped amazon. She is making some weird noises. Is that normal?

Nyhm, 30 March 2019

Birds also grind their beaks to trim it... right?

Naomi, 20 March 2019

I have recently rescued my mother's conure after she died last week but it often sqwalks when Weare with him in the same room and then settled and quiet when we leave. Please could you help us to understand what to do about this. Thankyou

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