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Farzana, 4 November 2019

To Who It May Concern, My name is Farzana and I am writing to you today to ask a few questions that relate to my language arts project about birds and how to care for them as an interview is a requirement. The questions I would like responses for are listed below if you so wish to answer and/or view them. What should you know beforehand about birds (specifically budgies)? What are the benefits of training a bird on your own? When is the perfect age to start training birds? What are the five easiest birds to train? How to train your bird (a budgie, if possible) to fetch? Thank you for your time and have a good day. Sincerely, Farzana

Kylie, 11 July 2019

My Bird Sprite won't pick it up. Do these work for budgies?

Vanessa, 9 June 2019

Victor, birds need daily showers. If your bird is handled a lot the feathers can get greasy from your hands and turn a blackish colour. In the wild birds bathe in water and enjoy the rain. Sunlight is also super inportant. If you feel its a liver issue check the fat content and exercise level of your parrot. Lots of fruit and high fat nuts and seeds can cause fatty liver disease. Reduce nuts and seeds and fruit and give more fresh veg and exercise if you feel this may be the case. My money is on him being handled a lot and not being given daily showers though. Hope this helps.

Brandon, 31 May 2019

Victor, I asked this same question to the manager at the store where I got my B&G Macaw. She said it was due to the lack of sun. Windows tend to block different rays of the light spectrum (as do screens) meaning your bird either needs to go outside more often or at least purchase a bird lamp. Different birds require various amounts of sunlight; I recommend either taking your bird outside for an hour a day (though some say that 15 minutes will suffice) or buy the lamp (usually around $80) and put it on a timer that keeps it on at least one hour a day. That's my recommendation anyway.

Victor, 28 May 2019

Can anyone tell me why my bird's feathers have gone black the only difference being is I have been laid up in a hospital bed for 11 months so I couldn't take him out flying I have taken hymn to the avian vet and all he said was he could have a liver problem it has never happened before thank you for your help in advance p.s. he has vegetables fruits nuts so his diet is varied thank you

Alyssa, 7 May 2019

this works! i have a gold capped conure and she can fetch and turn around!

Gaby, 2 November 2018

I just got a new green cheek conure 3 days ago and thanks to you and she already knows 2 tricks! Turn around and wave! This has given us lots of bonding time, so thank you.