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Gerbil Food

Gerbils enjoy a number of different foods - as a desert species, they would eat most of the things that they could get their paws on. Their diet would primarily consist of grasses and grains scavenged from the areas around their burrow. Although they would choose lots of different foodstuffs from this kind of habitat, by our own human standards their diets are very limited. For example, they are only used to a few different plants, and will react very badly to most processed human foods like crisps or sweets. Since their stomachs are so very different to our own, when you’re starting out with gerbils it’s a really good idea to have some basic knowledge of what gerbils can and can’t eat before you start trying to broaden their diet past their ordinary dry mix.

Like a lot of small pet mammals, gerbils will like fresh as well as dry food. This means that from time to time, it’s nice to offer them small amounts of fruits and vegetables to supplement the dry mix that you’ll put in their food bowls each morning and evening. Gerbils can eat a lot of different seeds and rusks, but a rather limited number of fruits and vegetables. It’s important to be cautious, and to not feed your pets the wrong food and risk an upset stomach, or worse. To help you, we’ve created a Gerbil Food List to give you a good idea of most of the foods that are safe to offer to your little animals.

There are quite a few tasty foods your gerbils can munch on!

Whilst offering fresh food makes your pets’ lives more interesting, it’s useful for all owners to know that gerbils are quite susceptible to upset stomachs. Offering too much fresh food, even foods of the right type, can be dangerous for gerbils as they are prone to developing upset stomachs and diarrhoea.

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