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Gerbil Hygiene

Gerbils are extremely clean creatures - they will spend a lot of their day washing themselves and ensuring that their fur is clean and soft. You’ll often see them grooming one another, which is a very cute bonding activity.

However, once in a while they may need a bit of help, especially if they are ill or getting on a bit in years (if you don’t think that your gerbil is particularly old or unwell, yet they still need a lot of help keeping themselves clean, then this is a cue to give your pet a thorough health check). We have more information on how to clean your gerbils in this section of the guide.

 gerbil hygiene
Gerbils will do their best to keep themselves - and their cage-mates - clean

This section of the guide covers many different gerbil hygiene issues, from cleaning the cage to trimming your pets’ nails. We’ve also included some information on bathing your gerbils - they need sand baths, which we explain in more detail on our How To Bathe Gerbils page.

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