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Gerbil FAQs

Regardless of how experienced an owner you are, there may still be questions that crop up throughout gerbil ownership. Whether you’ve had gerbils for many years or you’re just starting out, this section can help with a number of different topics, from odd behaviour to relationship issues.

frequently asked questions
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This section includes information on a number of different questions owners have asked, ranging from bar chewing to seemingly strange behaviour. We hope you’ll find the answers you need here, but there are lots of great books available if you have a very specific problem.

Customer Images

a small baby gerbil called penny being held by its owner


Anonymous, 4 March 2021

I have had my gerbils for about 3 months, but they are still terrified of me, is there something i should do?

Nikole(Portland, 26 August 2019

When going to adopt some gerbils, my fiance and I had decided on getting a pair that were together in the pet store. When we went back, one had been adopted, so we only adopted one gerbil. A couple weeks after reading, doing research, etc...we decided we wanted to adopt another so our Cinder had a friend. We called ahead to ask some questions about introducing a new gerbil to ours after having her for about 2-3 weeks. He gave us some tips, said it should be fine. When going in the next day, a different employee scared us, saying they will just fight, most likely end up waking up to having a dead gerbil in our cage. Obviously, we decided against it, terrified our Cinder would end up dead in her cage. It's been about a month in a half now, and I keep reading that they get lonely by themselves, but am so terrified of one dying or that we waited to long because of what that employee said, I don't know what to do!!! I really want our gerbil to have a friend, and am not sure what the next step is! Any help would be appreciated.

An Omleteer, 20 March 2019

One of my gerbils keep on biting one of the others. What should I do? There is no blood(I think). But there is hAir loss.