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Gerbils, though relative newcomers to the global pet market, are proving extremely popular with people all across the world. This is probably thanks to all their endearing characteristics - they have entertaining personalities, a lot of energy, and cute little voices. They form strong bonds with each other and with their owners, and so their owners find them great additions to their family.

gerbils about pets
Gerbils are fantastic pets

This guide is intended for all gerbils owners, regardless of their level of experience. It aims to provide detailed advice on a wide variety of subjects, from cleaning your pets’ cage to identifying some of their common health problems. Although we’ve assembled information on many different topics, we’ve structured the guide so that owners looking for the answer to a specific question should be able to easily find the help they need and in the detail that they require. Click on the subheadings on your left to expand the topics and see the whole range of information. We hope you enjoy your time with your gerbils as much as we do.

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Thomas, 26 February 2021

I ordered the walnut style qutewith storage and you sent me the walnut qute without storage. How do we fix this?

Mitch, 8 April 2020

Gerbils have become my favorite animal, more than dogs or cats and birds. I like to let them run over my body. GerbilPower!

Chris, 28 January 2019

im getting gerbils on tuesday (My daughter is) how good does the omlet cage work with gerbils?? How many can you fit in it?

Claire, 13 April 2018

I'm getting gerbils Tuesday there very sweet had some before

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